2 day ‘look better naked’ detox diet!


If you have been eating cotton candy like me...time for detox!

  I know a lot of you are always looking for a quick fix and you turn to detoxing for a weight loss. The truth is detox diets are just that, detox diets. You will probably lose a couple pounds but the weight loss is fluids and other ‘stuff’ that will be pushed through and out your system, not fat!

I have searched for a detox diet that is no more than 3 days long and on which you are still eating. A good detox diet contains these 3 things-

1. An increase in water intake

2. A good source of protein throughout the day

3. Diuretic vegetables

A not-so-healthy detox diet includes these 3 things:

1. Diuretic pills/caffeine/expensive supplements

2. No food; liquids only

3. A heavy workout during detox days

Detoxing is about cleansing your body so that after the detox is over you can soak up all the great nutrients you are providing it with and metabolize them efficiently. I like to detox after the holidays because I eat a little more sugar during that period and a detox helps me break any sugar cravings I have created. After these 2 days make sure to continue to eat clean and take a day off before you exercise intensely.

*Make sure you do not have caffeine or alcohol during these 2 days. It is only 2 days people!!!

*Light cardio is great during these 2 days but avoid anything too strenuous. Although you are taking in protein, fat, and carbs this is still a low calorie diet meant to give your body a break!

*Get adequate sleep-8 hours

*Drink 1 gallon of water each day

*Eat all 5 meals, about 2-3 hours in between each meal

*no salt or anything added to food, not even spices or splenda-fresh lemon juice OK!

Grocery List

*you will need a blender for your morning protein shake

-Protein or Soy or Pea Powder (about 120 calories, 2g fat, 5 carbs, and 20g protein per serving)

-Ice cubes-8

-16oz fat free soy or almond milk

-Frozen or fresh berries- 2 cups

-Almond or peanut butter

-2 lg cucumbers

-A sprig(2tbsp) of fresh dill

-Bag mixed salad-greens only

-Frozen or fresh spinach-2 cups

-Frozen or fresh asparagus-2 cups

-2, 4oz chicken breasts

-2, 4oz servings of fish-I use Gordon’s frozen Salmon

-Green mint tea

-Olive oil

Day 1

BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE: 1 c soy/almond milk + 1 scoop protein powder + 1c berries + 1tsp pb/ab + 4 ice cubes

SNACK: 1c sliced cucumber sprinkled with dill + 1c mint green tea

LUNCH: 4oz chicken + 2 tbsp OO (olive oil) + 1c spinach cooked

I use the oo to grill the chicken and just microwave the frozen spinach with a little lemon juice.

SNACK: 10 asparagus spears + 1c mint green tea

DINNER: 4oz fish + 1c raw greens +2 tbsp OO

I use the OO on the salad and lemon juice on my fish.


That’s it!

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