Detox for the Guys!

This is a detox not magic. Do not expect to look like you belong in XMEN

I was so glad to hear dozens of women who utilized and loved the ‘how to look better naked’ detox meal plan. Although, a couple days ago my friend’s husband asked what he should follow to do something similar. We spoke about the benefits of a short detox diet and I promised to get one up ASAP. I have taken the females and modified it, adding more calories and protein for the men.

Now guys keep in mind:

No alcohol, caffeine or heavy work outs for these 2 days and over a gallon of water each day!

Grocery List

*you will need a blender for your morning protein shake

-Protein or Soy or Pea Powder (about 120 calories, 2g fat, 5 carbs, and 20g protein per serving)

-Ice cubes-16

-48oz fat free soy or almond milk

-Frozen or fresh berries- 6 cups

-Almond or peanut butter

-4 lg cucumbers

-A sprig(2tbsp) of fresh dill

-2 Bags mixed salad-greens only

-Frozen or fresh spinach-4 cups

-Frozen or fresh asparagus-4 cups

-4, 4oz chicken breasts

-4, 4oz servings of fish-I use Gordon’s frozen Salmon

-Green Mint Tea

-Olive Oil


Day 1

BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE: 1 c soy/almond milk + 1 scoop protein powder + 1c berries + 1tsp pb/ab + 4 ice cubes

SNACK: 2c sliced cucumber sprinkled with dill + 1c mint green tea

LUNCH: 8oz chicken + 2 tbsp OO (olive oil) + 2c spinach cooked

I use the oo to grill the chicken and just microwave the frozen spinach with a little lemon juice.

SNACK: 20 asparagus spears + 1c mint green tea

DINNER: 8oz fish + 1c raw greens +2 tbsp OO

I use the OO on the salad and lemon juice on my fish.

SNACK-Smoothie (same as breakfast one)


That’s it!

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