Bolthouse farms review

I was asked to do a nutrition review on the nutrition smoothie drinks people can grab at grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores. Many people think because it says ‘smoothie’, or says it has fruits and/or veggies in it that it is a healthy choice for an on-the-run snack. I will be reviewing Bolthouse farms today and Naked Juice tomorrow.

Bolthouse Farms has Juices like 100% carrot juice, tropical and Pomegranite. If you need help getting your fruits and veggies in some of these are great. Just keep in mind there are 2 servings per bottle and no protein so a couple swigs can help get your daily fruits and veggies in but thats all the Juice will do. The other brand they have is Smoothies. The Green Goddess is my top pick out of all the smoothie options and again is mostly fruits, veggies with some wheat grass and a lot of vitamins including Zinc. The Protein line has 3 protein plus drinks, a chai tea and mocha cappuccino flavor. I chose 2 flavors:Mango and Strawberry Yogurt+Granola.  each the higher protein ones. If you are looking for a well rounded snack with some protein go for the Strawberry Yogurt Granola flavor. There is 2 servings under 200 calories with a minimal amount of fat, 3g of fiber, 13g of protein and the 18g of sugar comes from mostly the fruits. The flavor was amazing and it was hard to split this up into 2 servings. The Mango was ok with a whopping 510mg potassium I was impressed but there was also 390mg of sodium, which is way more than most potato chips. The other two are very high in sugar and have some unnecessary ingrediants.

These were on sale at Target for $2.99 each, they usually cost about 3.99 but keep in mind it is 2 servings. Conclusion go with the Protein Plus Straw-yogurt-granola if you need some protein and the Green Goddess for a boost of fruit, veggies and anti oxidents.

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